Your New Business

Starting a new business is not an easy task. You have to put together a business plan, find a clever name, get banking set up, wade through red tape, get all the supplies, a location, choose a logo and a website designer AND navigate through #socialmedia…who has time to get the word out to all your potential clients? Let’s face it, you’re excellent at your job but the rest is a bit of a faff.

Being self-employed probably sounded easy when you came up with the idea… thoughts of choosing your own hours and working wherever you wanted… Bliss! But a few months on, it’s positively exhausting. Sure, you can work at any hour: most of the time it’s all waking hours. And wherever? You might already be finding yourself answering emails in the bathtub or by the side of the road. Starbucks staff can even spell your name correctly now.

At this point, while you bemoan the colossal hole already carved into your seed funding, you might be wondering what a copywriter can do for you. I offer you this:

Upon starting out in business, the objective is frequently to acquire a following and develop your identity with potential customers. Unless you have invented something, these customers already exist but they are, in all likelihood, other people’s customers at the moment. In essence: you need to attract them away. The best way to do that (and we can discuss this in greater detail) is to use:

  • SEO and keywords to support your very engaging and beautifully written website,
  • a pinch of advertising
  • and exploit all that #socialmedia has to offer.


Together, we can explore all the options available to suit your budget. It is essential, however, that you build your business with these objectives in mind, as failing to consider your ranking and followers from the onset will put you so far behind that you’ll be able to see the back of your head. Do it now!