By now, you have a good idea what SEO is and why keywords are important. Let’s review for those who came late: the more words you have on your website that are related to your business (or, more accurately, the terms people will search for on Google), the higher the likelihood that your website link will float to the top of the pile. And since we generally click on the first thing Google throws at us, that is where you want to be.

But woe! Your keywords are seemingly impossible to incorporate into a legible sentence. Well, good thing I love a challenge because I will sort that out for you likety-split.

It’s worth noting that there are some keywords that are a little more exotic than others, but that is where the fun is: if they are commonly used words, chances are you will find it more difficult to rise in the rankings because the competition is fierce. Alternatively, obscure combinations might get you traffic you weren’t after. The balance lies somewhere in the middle. Don’t worry if this all sounds complicated… Google Analytics and I have got your back.

And no, you can’t just type the keywords a hundred times and hide white on white. But nice try. Really.