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Whether you are looking for website copy, packaging, brochures or speeches, you have come to the right place. How about some French to English translation and back again? Bien sûr! A blog post or twenty? We've got your back. Our clients are luxury brands, travel websites, spirits, estates, and even fintech. It's all good. Drop us a line, let's work some magic.

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By now, you have a good idea what SEO is and why keywords are important. Let’s review for those who came late: the more words you have on your website that are related to your business (or, more accurately, the terms people will search for on Google), the higher the likelihood that your website link will […]

Your New Business

Your New Business

Starting a new business is not an easy task.  You have to put together a business plan, find a clever name, get banking set up, wade through red tape, get all the supplies, a location, choose a logo and a website designer AND navigate through #socialmedia…who has time to get the word out to all your potential clients? Let’s face it, you’re […]

Brochure, sure, sure

Brochure, sure, sure

You’ve heard the cliché: you only have 7 seconds to make a great first impression. How does that translate when it’s a visual? Take away 6 seconds, and divide the result in two. What should you put into your brochure? Before you answer that, ask yourself these questions: What is your target demographic? Is a brochure the […]

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What our clients say

Louise Wachtmeister, founder & marketing director ASmallWorld

During the years I have worked with Nathalie on different content, marketing and copy projects. Nathalie is creative, coming up with ideas, and always delivering on time. Most important she always understands the target audience and adapt the message and tonality in the best possible way. + She is supernice to work with 🙂

- Louise Wachtmeister, founder & marketing director ASmallWorld
Jan Luescher, CEO ASmallWorld

Nathalie is a results-oriented, pragmatic individual with strong opinions and a passion for high quality output. She was a pleasure to work with!

- Jan Luescher, CEO ASmallWorld
Anju Rupal, Founder Abhati Suisse

Abhati is as much a family as a brand: we work very closely with all our hand-picked team. It’s very important that our team is in tune with our ethos. Nathalie has played a very important role during a critical period of our growth: she has been incredibly reliable and can be given a few instructions and trusted to deliver excellent copy and great new ideas. She is very analytical and thinks outside the box, both from the client and from a retailer’s perspective, a skill which has been a huge advantage when we were developing our brand identity and product line. She’s a wonderful team member and is a great soundboard, sharing her positive energy, enthusiasm and creativity at all times. She is a very talented writer, but having worked with many copywriters in the past, I can say she sets herself apart thanks to her dedication and spirit.

- Anju Rupal, Founder Abhati Suisse
Aymeric de Rougé, Editions Beaufort

Ayant travaillé avec Nathalie à plusieurs reprises ces dernières années, et très récemment pour les éditions Beaufort, je recommande vivement ses services de traduction et de “copywriting”. Elle est très précise et professionnelle. Son travail est vraiment sérieux, elle arrive également à respecter des délais très courts. Disposant d’une large culture générale dans les langues qu’elle maîtrise, elle peut également s’adapter à des sujets variés. Son professionnalisme et sa constante bonne humeur font que nous travaillerons très volontiers avec Nathalie à l’avenir.

- Aymeric de Rougé, Editions Beaufort